Yellow Tin Wall

Hot Washer Mixing


1. All powder should be poured into 55 gal container.


2. All of the liquid poured in next. Use a funnel if 



3. Use a 4ft wash lance with a soap tip. With the hot water from power washer, gently dilute and stir the mix together.

4. When all powder has been thoroughly mixed you will not feel clumps anymore.

5. Top off barrel/container to 55 gallons.

6. Let product dwell for 12-24hrs before using for best results.

NO Hot Washer


1. Fill mixing tank about 2/3 full with hot water.

2. Add powder slowly to tank and mix until completely dissolved.

3. Add liquid component and mix thoroughly.

4. Add enough water to bring level to 55 gallons. Stir thoroughly.